• Coach Marie was very good at helping me to celebrate my strengths. She acknowledged my successes and walked with me so that I could celebrate what I had done and accept where I was at. She acknowledged my growth and change. She asked powerful questions that led to reframing. Coach Marie has a sense of humor, she adds a lot of acknowledgement and encouragement to my life. She let me lead, I set the topics. It was very encouraging to have Coach Marie as my life coach.

  • Marie is a caring and empathetic individual. I felt she listened very well and understood where I was at. She kept good accounts of my progress and constantly cheered for my successes. She easily changed pace with regard to my most current coaching needs. Marie was focused on the present and my future happiness. She questioned my ideas and presented constructive feedback as appropriate. She is a caring professional in that she set boundaries, kept appointments and held me accountable but in a soft almost “motherly” or “big sister” format.

  • Marie was very attentive. She would always reflect what she heard me saying in a non-judgmental, very open, and supportive way, and she asked questions that stimulated me to take a deeper look. Marie does a great job at creating a safe and trusting environment. She offered amazing support as I talked through my concerns and always helped me clarify my thoughts. Those qualities are paramount for being a great coach!

  • Coach Marie helped me achieve my goal – and to realize that I was in a more positive position in the various areas of life than I had perceived. I’m a better person for having gone through this coaching.

    Marie has a positive attitude, wants to help people, and is genuinely interested in people. I felt that she really listened to me without judgment, and asked deep questions to further my self- reflections. In my opinion, she is definitely on the right life path.

  • Coach Marie was professional, understanding but still firm, fun but still serious. I really enjoyed having her coach me as it brought me clarity and validation. And, I am continuing to work on balancing my day to day life between, work, family and self. I think that most people don’t have a nonbiased support system, and having a coach, like Marie, to ground you helps to make you feel you are not alone in life and its challenges. Marie is very caring, understanding, knowledgeable, worldly and focused.