About Coach Marie


Coach Marie

• Certified Professional Life Coach

• Graduate of the International Coach Academy

• Member of the International Coach Federation

• Bachelor of Education, Early Childhood Certificate

• Elementary School Teacher

• Tutor (after school for elementary students; ESL to adults)

• Expatriate new-country orientation coordinator (US & UK)

• Longtime volunteer for schools and programs for the elderly

• Parent of college-aged students

• Lived, traveled and worked abroad

• Avid cyclist and outdoor enthusiast


I was drawn to life coaching because I have been doing it all my life without actually putting a name to it. My life experience has given me the personal background in dealing with major life transitions, after having lived in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. In addition to starting life anew every couple of years, I have dealt with the educational challenges and adjustment issues of my own family.

This has taught me creative problem solving, flexibility, confidence and perseverance. I learned to enjoy and celebrate different cultures and different people. I saw a lot of the world and broadened my perspective on how to live and what it takes to be happy.

Having successfully supported my own children through many schools and transitions, I am aware and understand the challenges that today’s students face.

My hope is to use this experience and knowledge to continue my genuine passion of helping people succeed, and to empower them through life and student coaching.

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